The Best Hair Colours To Try This Year

Exciting Hair Colours to Try in 2022

Have you made a vow to be more adventurous with your look this year? Perhaps you're thinking of a new hair style or a dramatic colour change? At COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot, our hair colour experts can create stunning all over colours, highlights including balayage and even vivid fashion hair colours.

Need some inspiration? Read on to see some of the fabulous hair colours we think will be huge this year and book in for a hair colour consultation by calling us on 01344 873 200.

Please note : If you are new to hair colour or our salon, you will need to have a quick skin allergy test at least 48 hours before your hair colour appointment.

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Black Hair Shades 

Black Hair Shades, COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, AscotWhen you think of black hair colours, do you often think of the flat, dull shades often associated with box dye hair colour results? Not if we have anything to say about it! Black hair shades actually come in a vast range of colours from icy blacks, blue blacks to soft multi-tonal black hair colours. 

Book in for a hair colour consultation with us so that we can assess your skin tone, eye colour and maintenance needs to find the perfect black hair shade to suit you.. 

If you have naturally black hair colour, why not ask your COUPE stylist to scatter highlights throughout your hair for a subtle, multi-dimensional effect to your hair colour finish. 


Bold Red Hair Colours

Red Hair Shades, COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, AscotStand out from the crowd this year with a bold new red hair colour. There are a huge number of red hair colour shades to choose from, from delicate strawberry blondes to deep cherry shades - there's a red hair colour to suit everyone!

Some clients choose a bold red hair colour makeover to make a statement, whilst some prefer to gradually build up with subtle highlights and lowlights. Adding red highlights or lowlights is a fabulous way to lift naturally brunette hair colour or to tone down a bright blonde. 

If you are blessed with naturally red locks and wish to enhance your hair colour, we can add complementary tones and shades to brighten and flatter your locks.  


Blonde Balayage Hair Colours

Blonde Balayage Hair Shades, COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, AscotBalayage is the hair colour trend that shows no sign of slowing down, with variations including foilayage and money piece highlights continually evolving to create stunning new balayage looks. 

Blonde balayage is possibly the most popular request when it comes to balayage and it's not hard to see why! Balayage is a low maintenance hair colour option as the root regrowth is much less noticeable than with traditional highlights, making it a great choice for non-natural blondes. 

You can be as subtle or as dramatic with your blonde balayage as you like, adding a gentle lift to your natural base colour or going all in and starting your balayage at eye level. The beauty of balayage is that it can be tailored to you and your individual needs. 

Pretty Pink Hair Colours

Pink Hair Shades, COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, AscotWe love getting creative with hair colour! Following a challenging couple of years, many clients are looking to start having fun and getting creative with their hair colour - with pink hair shades being amongst the most popular fashion hair colours. 

From bright all-over pink shades to secret hidden panels of hair colour, a new pink hair shade will have you turning heads wherever you go. Pastel pink hair colours are popular and look fabulous both as an all over shade, or used to add a fun look to a balayage.

If you aren't sure that you'd like to fully commit to pink hair colour, our experts can help by adding in coloured hair extensions. Find out more about our hair extension services here


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