A Good Hair Day at The Races


Royal Ascot is a fantastic opportunity to enjoy exciting horse racing, fine dining, entertaining, lunching and, of course, people watching!

Running over five days from Tuesday June 18th to Saturday June 22nd 2019, Royal Ascot attracts large crowds and is the perfect occasion for both ladies and gentlemen to dress to impress.  

If you’re fortunate enough to have a ticket to Royal Ascot, book your hair appointment at COUPE Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot, where we can create a special hairstyle that will look sensational with your hat? 

ascot, royal ascot, hairstyles, hair salon, sunninghillWe can create beautiful hair that can be styled to fit in with the look of your outfit and your hat.  Book your appointment now and bring your hat or fascinator into our Sunninghill salon so we can create a wonderful hairstyle for Royal Ascot.

We can suggest the perfect hairstyle depending on your Royal Ascot outfit such as a classic upstyle, a gorgeous curly look, adding some plaits or we can create an intricate plaited style or chignon.  Whatever style you decide upon, we can make sure that your style lasts well into the evening by minimising the risk of ‘hat hair’ where your hair is flattened after being stuck under your hat!

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Top Tips To Avoid The Dreaded Hat-Hair! 

If you’re heading off to a formal event, such as a wedding, a garden party or Royal Ascot, you may decide to wear a fascinator or hat (of course, if you’re in the Royal Enclosure at Royal Ascot, this is a must!)

It’s not always easy to get it right when choosing a hat, let alone getting the right hairstyle to go with your head-wear, which is why the team at COUPE have come up with some top tips to help you look fabulous in your race day hat:

TIP 1:  Try on lots of hats or fascinators to find out which styles, sizes and colours best suit your face shape.

TIP 2: Find a hat or fascinator that works well with your chosen outfit.

TIP 3: Ensure that your hat is in proportion to your body type. For example, you should avoid large hats if you are very petite or have a small face. Avoid smaller hats if you are very tall or have larger proportions.

TIP 4: Steer clear of wide brimmed hats if you have shorter hair. However, if you have long hair this can balance out a large brimmed hat and add a sense of proportion to your look.

TIP 5: If you plan to take your hat off throughout the day, your hair may end up looking a little flat. Remember to pack a mini hair spray into your handbag so that you can nip to the ladies, fluff up your hair with your fingers,  and spritz it at the roots for a touch of volume.

TIP 6: If you are planning to curl your hair for the day, you should consider adding romantic curls or waves at the ends of your hair instead of from the roots as your hair is likely to end up a little flat on top after wearing a hat.

TIP 7:  If you decide to wear your hair in an elegant upstyle such as a chignon or ponytail, you should make sure that it is placed where it does not interfere with the fit of your hat or fascinator. Low side chignons or side plaits can look fabulous when worn to balance out a hat worn at an angle.

TIP 8:  Book in with a COUPE professional stylist to get your hair looking perfect for your big event. We will discuss with you the look you want and we can create styles that are long-lasting and will complement your outfit.

Whatever hairstyle you choose, we hope you enjoy your day at Royal Ascot!