Winter Hair Colour Trends

The Hottest Winter Hair Colours at COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill

Do you want the best hair colour in town?  COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill can bring you the hottest hair colours for Winter 2017.  

While some of the hair colours featured here are very bold, we can also create beautiful classic colours such as blondes and brunettes  If you see a hair colour you’d like to try, just give us a call on 01344 873 200.

Subtle Balayage Hair Colour Trend for 2017

The trend for balayage ‘two tone’ hair colour will continue throughout 2017 but we expect to see a move towards more subtle colours.

subtle-balayage-ubuntu hairdressers in Sunninghill., Ascot subtle-ombre-or-balayage, coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascotbalayage winter hair colour trend, , coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascot

Silver Grey Hair Colours 

Forget ‘granny grey’, the new grey hair colour is super cool with shades of platinum and silver added to give it extra vibrancy.  Talk to your hair colour expert who can help find the right shade of silver grey for your skin tone. 

silver-grey-hair-colours, , coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascot silver-grey-hair trend, coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascot silver-grey-colour-for-hair, , coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascot


Rose Gold Hair Colour Trend

Kylie Jenner is a massive trend-setter – especially when it comes to her hair colour.  She’s had just about every hair colour out there but one of her biggest successes has been the rose gold hair colour.  This is a beautiful shade of blonde/pink that looks stunning on people of all ages.  If you’re feeling bold, why not try a mix of silver grey with rose gold?  Not quite ready for this transformation?  Add some pink highlights instead!
coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascotgoldwell-color-zoom-collection-2016-45gold-rose-hair-colour-200x300



Red Hair Colour Trend at COUPE Hair Salon, Ascot

Another super cool hair colour is red.  If you want an on-trend red hair colour this Winter, make sure it’s a vibrant shade.  Your hair colour technician can help you find the right shade to suit your skin tone.   

rose gold hair colour trend, winter hair colours, , coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascot

red hair colours, coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascot

winter hair colour trends, coupe hair salon, sunninghill, ascot