What Makes Your Hair Grow?

All You Need To Know About Growing Your Hair from the Hair Experts at COUPE Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot

What Makes Your Hair Grow?Ever asked the question ‘how fast does my hair grow?’ or ‘how many hairs have I got on my head?’ At Coupe hair salon in Ascot our expert stylists separate fact from fiction to bring you all you need to know about how your hair grows.

On average you have 100,000 hair follicles on your head that grow at the rate of around ½ an inch per month or 0.35mm a day! How fast they grow can vary depending on such things as diet, genetics and hormones. Pregnant women often say that their hair feels thicker and stronger during pregnancy with a healthy shine this is largely due to the extra hormones racing around the body.

Ever wondered why it doesn’t hurt when you have your hair cut? Listen up – here comes the science bit…

When hair grows it sprouts up from small pockets in the skin called follicles. The hair that grows up from the follicle root is made up from cell proteins, which our bodies feed from the blood vessels that are dotted around our scalp.

Hair starts to grow in length as more cells are generated and push through the skin. A hard protein named keratin makes up the hair shaft itself and, when it is long enough, it will show through the skin. When it eventually pops through to show on the scalp, the hair is already dead, which is why you can’t feel anything when you get your hair cut!

Each individual hair strand has three different layers. The medulla, cortex and the cuticle. Both the cortex and the medulla are where the pigment is held, giving hair its colour.

Why can’t I grow my hair longer? 

how to grow your hair, coupe hair salon, ascotIf you have ever wondered why your hair only seems to grow to a certain length and then stop, chances are you have flat hair follicles!

No matter whether you have regular hair cuts and conditioning hair treatments, how long your hair grows can sometimes be out of your hands.

Round follicles grip the hair better so have a better chance of growing hair longer while flat hair follicles are often associated with shorter hair lengths.

As your hair grows and gets longer it also gets heavier until the follicle gets too heavy to hold and sheds the hair. Don’t panic though – it will grow another!

How to grow your hair – tops tips from COUPE Hair Salon in Ascot

Although we can not make our hair grow longer than it wants to, we can help it to grow quicker. The expert hairstylists at COUPE hair salon in Sunninghill pass on their top hair tips to help you on your way towards healthy hair!

  • Eat a diet rich in protein, zinc and iron
  • Take supplements to help nourish your follicles and encourage hair growth
  • Use a gentle shampoo that gently exfoliates the scalp
  • Regular haircuts – although this will not make your hair grow faster it will prevent breakage, therefore increasing length.

What causes damage to my hair?

At our hairdressing salon in Ascot, our team of skilled hairdressers suggest avoiding shampoos containing silicones as they can degrade the hair and cause hair breakage. The use of heated appliances weakens and breaks the hair shafts, whilst chlorine can soften the hair and result in it feeling dry so should be avoided. 

Our hair styling team suggest regular hair cuts and using professional hair care products that suit your hairs’ natural type and texture.

We offer a selection of luxury deep conditioning hair treatments that will leave your hair looking healthy and glossy.

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