Trendy Prom Hairstyles

The Best Prom Hairstyles at Coupe Hair Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot

Trendy Prom Hairstyles

Planning your prom hairstyle all by yourself can be a tedious task. What if you got someone to help with choosing the perfect prom hairstyle personalised to your face and prom theme? Imagine what a relief that would be? You will then have enough time at your disposal to plan for other things.

At Coupe hair salon in Sunninghill, our team of expert hair stylists can create a luscious prom hairstyle, to last you through the night. 

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Curly Prom Hairstyles

Do you want your prom hairstyle curly or wavy? Maybe you already have a particular look you desire. If so our team of expert hairstylists in Ascot are ever ready to give you a transformation to remember. Any desired curly hairstyle is achievable, ranging from 1940s retro waves to beautiful mermaid waves and beach babe curls. Just name it and we will make it.


Although curly hair is beautiful, it does not take so long before you start to lose the curls. In the case of prom curls, it may take just a few hours after dancing. It may even become crispy and stiff which we are sure you do not want to experience.  To prevent crispy curls we advise:

  • Curling your hair in sections as well as applying a setting lotion accordingly to each section. You can then curl it with tongs or a wand and leave it to cool after you must have pinned it correctly. You can then release it.
  • Complete the whole process with a decent hair spray.
  • You do not want your curls off in no time, so you should avoid fiddling with your hair.

Wearing Your Hair Up for Prom Sunninghill Ascot Hair Salon Highlights

There is an endless list of prom hairstyles we can create. From chignons to ballerina buns, we will leave you nothing less than thrilled. Upstyles and updos are popular hairstyles that pretty much fit all face shapes and prom dresses.


  • Bobby pins would help to keep your upstyle in place. especially when placed in a criss-cross manner to have your upstyle secured.
  • If you do not want the pins to show or you think the bobby pins will show, you can cover them with beautiful hair accessories.
  • You should squirt some hairspray on your hairbrush and gently brush your hair to put back in the fold any stray hair. It also gives you that slick and polished upstyle.  
  •  Experiment more on some of the nice stuff you can add to your upstyle. Any cute ideas you can come up with will do just fine.

Plaited Prom & Party Hair Ideas

How classy you look on your prom night has nothing to do with the length of your hair. Hairstyles work differently for different individuals. Braids and plaits work perfectly well for any hair length, even those with short hair. Just come along with a picture of an outfit you would like to wear and our expert hair stylists will work our magic.


Braids are not all that perfect for those with fine and thin hair texture, as it can shift away from its normal position due to the slipperiness of the hair. It does also affect many with thick hair texture too. The following tips could be of help:

  • Use hair care product on your hair to make it firm.
  • Squirt your hair with a good hairspray and let it dry, for a better shape.
  • When braiding, let it be as tight as possible, for it to stay longer.
  • Some bobby pins at the first part of the plait would help you hold it in place. If you do not want the pins to show, you can always put them under some hair accessories.

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