5 Summer Hair Colours

5 Summer Hair Colours from COUPE Hair Salon in Ascot

Need to shake things up a little in time for summer? A splash of hair colour could be just what you’re after. You’re spoiled for choice this year with so many awesome hair colouring trends, so here’s a quick guide from COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot, to help you along the way.

  1. Blonde Tones For Summer Hair

golden blonde summer hairstyles, Ascot hair salon Blondes are right back in style, and you’ll fit in perfectly from Brighton to Barcelona.

Soft blonde tones look great on everyone, and they directly contrast with icier blonde trends of recent years.  

Whatever blonde colour you want, your colour technician at COUPE can help find the perfect shade for you. 


  1. Roots On Purpose Hair Trend

Ombre blunt hair cutOn a budget? No problem. Here’s a solution that doesn’t involve ruining your hair with box dye!

The deliberate roots hair trend is exactly what it says it is – and it’s a total lifesaver. Speak to one of our stylists in the salon about the look you want to create or, even better, bring in a photo.

We can create glorious ombre or balayage hair colours to suit your sense of style.  

This is one of the biggest hair colour trends for 2015 and 2016 so why not give it a go for summer?

  1. Silver Grey Hair Trend

silver grey hair trend, Ascot hair salon Nope, we’ve not all gone mad. Silver grey hair is the ultimate hair colour trend this year, and we can’t wait to invoke your inner ‘glamorous granny’.

Whether you go silver grey all over, or simply opt for a dip-dye effect, there are loads of ways to rock this trend.

Talk to your stylist about whether this look will suit you!  We’ll give you some honest feedback and find a tone that suits you.


  1. Pastel Hair Colours

summer hair colour trends, Ascot hair salonHurray for summer, right? The sun is shining (supposedly) and the weather’s warm, and all the colours just look that little bit brighter.

Your hair can be exactly the same, thanks to pastel colours letting you have that extra bit of fun.

Instead of ruining everything with futile attempts at home, ask your colour technician at COUPE salon to help you achieve those desired pale peaches and sky blue hues.

  1. Natural Hair Colours

summer hair colours, Ascot hair salon Move over mousy brown, it’s time for the new natural! Sometimes you have to fake it to make it, and COUPE can help you lift your hair with some subtle highlights,  lowlights, or even all-over colour for added shine. Add golden shimmers, copper undertones, or even feed your hair with chocolates and caramels – the choice is yours. Delicious!

Whatever your choice in hair colour, give COUPE Hair Salon in Ascot a call on 01344 873200.