Changing Your Hair Colour

Changing Your Hair Colour at COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot 

Want to switch from brunette to blonde? Thinking about sporting the latest silver grey hair colour? Well, in this article we will answer your questions about changing hair colour. Even though changing your hair colour by a few shades can be done in one appointment, a more drastic colour change will take more sittings.

Our team are highly trained in hair colour, with a full understanding of hair colour, colouring techniques and how your hair will respond to colour.

Before you dive in to your new look, consider the upkeep needed for your new hair colour and whether it will suit you. You could try holding up some fabric of the same shade close to your skin to see which colour suits you best.  Or, you could download a hair colouring app and edit the shade you want on to a picture of you to get a better idea of what it could look like.

Better still? Book in for a hair colour consultation with our professional team by calling us on 01344 873200.

Going From Brunette to Blonde

hair colour transformations at coupe hair salon in sunninghill, near ascotYou can’t just transform your hair colour overnight – if you want it to look good it will take some time.

It could take two or more hair appointments to achieve the blonde look that you want. This is because we will need to pre-lighten your hair before applying your desired blonde shade.

But don’t worry, our colour specialists will assess the condition of your hair before deciding the best way to proceed.

Changing Your Hair Colour From Blonde to Red or Brunette

changing hair colour from blonde to brunette, top hair salon in Sunninghill, AscotYour hair may need to be pre-treated with a deep conditioning treatment to make sure that it is in good condition for further colouring if it has been bleached blonde before.

Also, we may suggest a more gradual colour change so that you can get used to your darker look.

We can do this by adding in some lovely lowlights, or by giving you a beautiful balayage look, before transforming your hair colour from blonde to brunette, red or another colour of your choice.


Fashion Colour Transformations

HAIR COLOUR transformations, hair salon, sunninghillMajor hair colour transformations, such as a colour change from brunette to red or blonde to red, may take longer that your usual hair colouring appointment time to achieve.

The health of your hair is very important to us and so we will be honest with you about what can be achieved and the length of time it will take.

If you desire a funky fashion colour such as lilac or pink, the vibrancy of that colour will depend on the base colour of your hair.

For example, very blonde or white hair will show a magenta colour much more intensely than if that colour were applied to darker hair.

Book a Hair Colour Appointment at COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot 

Book your beautiful hair colour transformation now, the benefits are endless! Book your hair colour appointment at our Ascot hair salon by calling us on 01344 873200 or book securely online using the button to the side of this page. 

Please note: All hair colour bookings will require a skin patch test 48 hours before your appointment so please contact us to arrange this after making your booking.