Men’s Hair at Coupe

Men’s hair styles have evolved over the years and our expert stylists at COUPE Hairdressing Salon in Sunninghill have kept up to date with the men’s hair trends.

In your consultation we will take your personal style into consideration.   Some men like to add products and style their hair and some don’t or don’t know what products do for their hair?  That’s why the consultation is so important, as your stylist will find out what you like or don’t like.

Our experienced hair stylists will give you professional tips and techniques such as which hair cut is best suited to your face shape and which compliment your features best.   Just call us on  01344 873 200 or pop in to see us.

Current Hair Trends For Men

There are quite a few trends out there being sported by men and at COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill we will use our styling skills to make sure we deliver!

Lots of the latest hair trends involve having a lot of length so styles are more versatile.  Whether it’s curly hair you’re after or maybe a quiff, men’s hair is definitely getting more adventurous!

Take a look at these men’s hairstyles for inspiration:

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