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hair extensions offer, ascot hairdressersIf you are looking for an instant hair transformation, look no further than hair extensions at COUPE Hair Salon in Sunninghill, Ascot.

We are delighted to offer a free hair extensions consultation to guide you and help you determine the correct hair to suit you and your lifestyle.

During your consultation, we will find the perfect colour match for your hair and work out how best to apply your hair extensions to compliment the natural shape and flow of your hair.

We offer only the very best 100% Remy hair extensions to give you hair that looks natural, smooth and silky. 

Your hair extensions can be applied to add length, volume or just to enhance your hairstyle.  

If you have fine hair, sometimes we need only add a few hair extensions to make a dramatic difference!  Read on to find out more…


Hair Extensions Offer in Ascot – £45 Hair Extensions Home Care Kit


Book in for your free hair extensions consultation and we will give you £45 HAIR EXTENSIONS HOME CARE KIT when you have a full head of hair extensions.  Complete the form below and we will send you your £45 Hair Extensions Home Care Kit voucher. Then call the salon on 01344 873 200 to begin your journey to glamorous long hair that is full of volume.


There are several different ways in which we can fit your hair extensions. During your free consultation, your COUPE technician will talk you through the various options and work out a plan that is right for you.

Micro-Ring Hair Extensions

Your hair extensions will be attached close to the roots using tiny metal, colour-matched rings that are tightened by a pair of hair extensions pliers.  This means your extensions can be added without the need to use heat or glue.  The hair extensions can also be easily removed by loosening the rings – so there is no need for chemicals.  We find this is a good method to use for people who have fine or chemically treated hair.  

Wearing Time:  We would expect your hair extensions to last for three months, with care.  After this time, your extensions should be removed and reapplied closer to the calp, using the same hair or replacing with new hair.  

Application Time: It usually takes 3-5 hours for a full head application; 2-3 hours for half a head.  All hair extensions services include a  cut and style too.

Nano-Ring Hair Extensions

The revolutionary nano-ring hair extensions system is gentle on your natural hair, using no heat or glue.  As the name implies, the nano-ring that is fitted around your natural hair is so small it is almost invisible so it feels like you are not wearing extensions at all.  These are ideal if you have fine hair. 

Wearing Time:  Up to 3 months, with care. 

Application Time:  Full head application 3-5 hours; half head application 2-3 hours.  All hair extensions services include a cut and style too.

Microweft Hair Extensions

Microweft hair extensions are applied in the same way as micro-ring and nano-ring hair extensions and use no heat or glue.  The main difference is that hair is attached in wefts – larger sections of hair – rather than in single strands.  This makes it more affordable and less time-consuming to apply.  Microwefts are perfect for special occasions. 

Wearing Time: Up to 4 weeks.

Application Time:  Full head application 2-3 hours; half head application 1-2 hours.  All hair extensions services include a cut and style too.

Keratin Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions

The bonds are made from keratin, an organic protein which is a natural component of the hair structure.  The keratin is melted with a hot tool around a small section of hair close to the scalp and then rolled with the fingers to form a tiny but strong bond.  The bonds will need to be removed after around 3 months and reapplied closer to the scalp, either reusing or replacing the hair. 

Wearing Time:  Up to 3 months, with care.

Application Time:  Full head application 3-5 hours; half head application:  2-3 hours. All hair extensions services include a cut and style too.

Keratin Fusion-Bonded Hair Extensions

Similar to the Keratin Pre-Bonded Hair Extensions, these differ because the colour and thickness of each strand is manually blended and then dipped in a keratin pot before application. This gives a completely natural look and is a very bespoke service.  

Wearing Time:  Up to 3 months, with care.

Application Time:  Full head application 4-6 hours; half head application:  3-5 hours. All hair extensions services include a cut and style too.  

Taped Hair Extensions 

Taped hair extensions comprise of two wefts (larger sections of hair) that are taped to either side of sections of your natural hair.  This is a low cost, low maintenance option.  Taped hair extensions are invisible and flexible.  High-quality Remy taped hair extensions can be reused, depending on wear and tear.  

Wearing Time:  Up to 2 months, with care.

Application Time:  Full head application 1-2 hours; half head application:  1 hour. All hair extensions services include a cut and style too.   


Each hair extension is bespoke to your needs as everyone has different hair.  The look you want to achieve will depend on the quality, length and type of hair extension application you choose.  All these factors will be evaluated by your hair extensions specialist during a complimentary hair extensions consultation. Please also note that a deposit to cover the cost of your hair is required once you decide to go ahead with your extensions.  Book your free consultation by calling the salon on 01344 873 200.


Home care is essential to the longevity of your hair extensions.  ALWAYS use shampoos, conditioners and treatments which have been designed for hair extensions.  Our hair extensions experts recommend:

Soft & Silky Shampoo (200ml) £15
Soft & Silky Conditioner (200ml) £15
Soft & Silky Maintenance Spray (150ml) £15


Book Your Hair Extensions Appointment at COUPE Hairdressers in Ascot

Why not book in now for your complimentary hair extensions consultation by calling us on 01344 873 200.

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